Library Services

Inter/Intra-Library Loan Services

Intra-Library Loans - Items requested from the Card Catalog - FREE

Inter-Library Loans - Items that must be requested outside of our system (special request items that are not listed on the Card Catalog and must be retrieved elsewhere (typically out-of-state) - $4 (to cover return shipping)


Black/White Copies- $.15
Black/White Copies (11" x 17" paper) - $.25
Color Copies - $.25
Color Copies (11" x 17" paper) - $.50
Enlargements/Reductions - No Additional Charge!

*If you are needing a copy from *Reference* material, which cannot be checked out,
then the first 10 copies (black/white)are free.

Faxing fax

Faxes can be sent anywhere for the cost of $1.00 per page. (The cover page is free). Faxes received are at the rate of $.50 a page.


Business card size - $.50
Size (9" x 11 1/2") - $1.00
Size (11 1/2" x 17 1/2") - $2.00


$1.00 per job

Flash Drives (Storage Capacity Varies)


CD Burning

$1.00 per burn
$.50 per blank CD

*NOTE: CD burning will be done at our discretion. Due to copyright laws, we will not duplicate software or audio/video CDs. Legitimate CD burning might include:

Tax Forms

Most state and federal tax forms are available.
Copies may be made for $.15 a page.

Internet Access

Minors must have a parent's written consent to use the Internet computers.
Internet access is filtered by default.
Anyone 17 or older may sign a waiver to have the Internet filter removed. (Internet Agreement Form)
By removing the filter, you are held responsible should inappropriate content be displayed.

Monthly Book Discussion - (Schedule)

Storytime and Lapsit Programs - (Schedule)

Golden Buckeye Registration

Free Computer Classes

Reference Question Assistance - (Ask a Question!)

Voter Registration

Meeting Room & Display Cases

(Non-profit organizations. Reserve a month ahead at most.)

To reserve:
Email -
Phone: (330) 627-2613