Borrowing Policy

Loan Period
(# of days)

Late Fees/day


Videos (DVD/Blu-Ray) 7 $.20

Limit 8 - Main Library
Limit 4 - Malvern Branch

Adult or Teen Section
(must be 13 yrs)

Rated 'R'
(must be 18 yrs)

Videos (DVD/Blu-Ray)
7 $.20 - Limit 8 -
Audio Books 28 $.20 - Limit 5 -
CDs 7 $.20 - Limit 5 -
Magazines 7 $.20
Books 28 $.20
Best Sellers 28 $.20
Reference 7 $.20
Non-Circulating Reference 0 - Limit 10 free copies/
$.15 copy for additional pages
E-books 21 (can vary) $0 30 holds / 20 checkouts (excluding magazines)

Automatic Renewals: (effective 6/12/18)

  • Materials will automatically renew at the end of the day when they are due, unless they have exceeded 4 renewals, or if the item is on a waiting list.
  • If you have email notifications set up, you will receive a courtesy email reminder 3 days prior to the due date. You will also receive an email on the due date with a list of items that were successfully renewed and any that could not be renewed.
  • If the item has not been returned after all renewals are exhausted, you will be charged for the cost of the item.

Library Policy Manual

Revised: 2016

Employee Policy Manual (PDF)

Meeting Room Policy (PDF)

Volunteer Policy

All volunteers for the Carroll County District Library must fill out a volunteer profile from. These forms will be kept on file at the library. All volunteers must wear the nametag: "Volunteer" while providing service to the library. Those assigned to volunteer outside the facility, e.g. Bookbuddy home deliveries, will have their name printed on the nametag. All volunteers will receive information about the library. Most volunteers will require training and orientation prior to assignments. All persons providing service in or from the facility will record their hours on the forms provided in the volunteer box in the staff break room. One form is good for the entire year. Totals will reflect service hours donated, unless you are assigned here from DHS. A copy of this form will be available for tax purposes. Check with the IRS for more details. Volunteers are not permitted to give library assistance to the public. You are to direct patrons to the first available qualified staff.


70 Second St NE
Carrollton, OH 44615
Phone: 330-627-2613
Fax: 330-627-2523


Monday - Thursday (9-7)
Friday (9-6)
Saturday (9-1)


710 E. Porter St, Box 487
Malvern, OH 44644
Phone: 330-863-0636
Fax: 330-863-0419

Monday - Friday (9-6)

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