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Young Authors Contest books must be written by students in grade 1-8 in Carroll Exempted Village Schools. Another student, regardless of age or grade, may do illustrations as long as the student is enrolled in the Carrollton School System.

Entry Guidelines (Please Read Carefully!)

All entries MUST be original work. No copyrighted material - no stories about book or TV characters will be accepted. All entries should be around 32 pages.
Entries should also include:

  • Title page
  • Author/Illustrator page for each contributor
  • Dedication page
  • Entrant's personal contact information

Books CANNOT be bound in any way. The library should not receive all entries. The building committees will send only the best entries from their buildings.

Entries will be judged on originality, creative expression, storytelling and use of text with illustrations. Judges will be Library staff, retired teachers and local artists. All entries are anonymous until after judging. Judges will only have grade level information.

Illustrations should be clear and colorful. Computer generated art, pre-produced clip art or photographs may be used. Please, no copyrighted logos or characters (ie: SpongeBob).

Personal photographs taken by the author/illustrator may be used.

Be sure to include a colorful Title/Cover page for your book!

Entrants must present stories on one side of the paper only. Pages should be numbered, please.

Text should be typewritten and may be on separate pages or incorporated into the illustrated pages. Adults may assist with typing of the manuscript but should not change the story in any way.

On a separate sheet of paper include name, address and phone number, school and story title.


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